Show DAC capabilities on Device Setup page

It would be extremely useful to see the (Roon detected or perceived) DAC capabilities, perhaps on the Device Setup page. For example, something along the lines of:


Roon Core obviously knows this information, it would be helpful it was displayed somewhere, even if only for geeks.


This was displayed in a previous version at least a year back and if memory serves me well it was removed as the function of detection was built in to the audio device detection process.

So I understandā€¦ removing functionality for the sake of GUI simplicity? But nevertheless, I think it would be handy to see the supported rates in the device setup page.

That said I too would like to see it return in one form or anotherā€¦

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+1 for the return of the DAC info.

As I recall, the reason given for its omission was that it ā€˜confusedā€™ people. A case of too much info; donā€™t understand that.

Anyone else who wants the return of this feature should put their two cents in. Maybe Roon will rethink its policyā€¦

Anyone else other than me want a GUI absolutely cluttered withā€¦information? Anyone find large expanses of white space useless?

Cluttered? No. However, there is being too austere and presenting too little information. I had used the DAC info in a lot of troubleshooting; and it was key to pointing out when things were working (or not).

I think @John_V was a +1 on the idea, but being ironic. Sometimes itā€™s hard to tell. :laughing:

I tried the same point with @danny when the info first went missing.

You are correct; cluttered is pejorative.

Perhaps dense is a better term. Cluttered implies uselessness.