Show Dynamic Range at the track level

Hi, is it possible to display the dynamic range of a track? I see it for albums, but not tracks. Seeing it at the track level will be helpful as a gauge of which version of a song is the “better” quality one.


You can’t really use the R128 loudness range data to tell you you about dynamic range and that is the data Roon supplies.

In the Tracks Browser, you can add an extra column Dynamic Range to see the DR data Roon provides:

Will work for Playlists, too.

:warning: It may not be available on mobile (phone) clients working in portrait mode only.

Thank you! I see it in tracks view.

Is it possible to also show in search results. For example, if I have multiple versions of a song and I search for that song, all the songs will show up. My goal is to be able to play the version of the song with the higher DR number.

Again, the higher “DR” number that Roon uses is not the same as the DR number music lovers typically use which is what the DR Database uses. Roon uses EBU R128 which is really a loudness number and does not translate well to actual dynamic range. Because of this, Roon can and will give a higher “DR” number on tracks that actually have less dynamic range using a “crest factor” algorithm.

This is why Roon customers have asked that Roon also supply the DR numbers as used by the DR Database. I am not holding my breath…


Why am I not holding my breath?

Because I think @danny thinks that the R128 loudness number is good enough. After all, Roon mislabels it on purpose and tries to pass it off as a Dynamic range number when even the EBU R128 standard specifically says it is not. Why would he want Roon to give us what we actually want when he already has a values he can pass off as dynamic range?

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Personally, I’ll be happy with either Ias long as it shows up in search results) although I’m guessing the computational cost of calculating and storing the other version can’t be that great so maybe we will see it implemented!

The two systems of measuring “loudness” are quite different and can’t really be compared. One uses peak loudness and the other average. R128 is mostly designed for volume leveling in mixing and broadcast. Thaats why Roon uses it.

A track or album can have a fairly low R128 rating and a fairly high DR rating.

IME, R128 does work better for volume leveling, but DR more accurately reflects how humans perceive the relative loudness of tracks.

I think you mean “how humans perceive the relative dynamic range of tracks”. “Loudness” is altogether different which is why R128 is not adequate here.

I don’t think so - not yet. That part of your feature request would be up to Roonlabs to implement.