Show folders and navigate the old school way

Antipodes CX and EX
Can any one help me navigate the folders I have to select music…?
I am unable to see my folder structure.

Do you mean from within roon? If so then there is no such facility roon is entirely metadata driven with no ability to browse folders.

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It’s been suggested, asked, and begged for. The answer is that navigating by folders is bad for your brain. It will never happen in Roon.

You should be able to find most of your music by searching artist or album, or using the artist or album browser. For items you cannot find, Roon may have failed to identify them. One thing you can do is use an organizational tool like DBPoweramp to add the proper metadata to assist Roon in identification. Failing that - the items you cannot find even after you’ve input the metadata, it’s a manual process that none of the Roon users really love…we all have some unidentified material in our Roon library. Consider it therapy for the compulsive.

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You hit the nail here. Yes ‘most of it’, but that isn’t good enough is it?
‘searching’, is a completeely different thing than ‘browsing’, the album browser is very mediocre in it’s browsing capabilities
I sometimes spent several minutes lookong for music I could find we within seconds with the old school method. We don’t need folder browsing ones Roon becomes close to perfect but it still isn’t and with the current development rate this might take another ten years. In the mean time there will allways be new members asking for folder browsing and you really can’t blame them.

I can’t argue with that. I’ve always found Roon’s resistance to adding a folder browser, which must be all of 10 minutes of development work (an exaggeration, but the point is this has to be the simplest thing ever to add for the impact it would have), totally baffling. You’d think a company would want to maximize the utility of its product for users to maximize the user base, rather than force some philosophy on people. It’s as though there is a fear that people won’t use Roon “how Roon wants you to” if they had a folder browser. Silly.

I’m sure the “Roon is not for you” crowd will be here in a minute. Prepare to duck!

I’m just not sure any of this is a priority to Roon right now. Maybe justifiably if the market dynamics are forcing it towards more integrations and less allocation of resources to features. It’s just unfortunate because Roon generally is quite kick-ass, but it has some areas that need more development to bring consistent quality across the application. And the length of time it’s taking to complete development of some features is shaking my faith - my opinion that Roon is “kick-ass” is partly based on the assumption that the rough and incomplete areas will be addressed, and that just doesn’t seem to be happening right now.

Hello All and thank you for your help
I have been contacted via pm and a very nice person helped me with a couple of workarounds…and a general introduction to the working of Roon.
The main issue for me was being able to play some test tracks that I have in a folder, I can copy and change the folder according to preference and take it with me for A – B when away from home on a USB stick.
Within Roon I could set up a separate folder within the storage area and just focus on the folder or the second option was to change the meta data as posted earlier to change all the test tracks to have the same album name for example “Test Tracks” and quick refresh and I found the tracks under that album name, problem solved.
BUT it begs the question why does not Roon implement a folder browser ?

Because it isn’t and doesn’t want to be a file explorer.

A playlist sounds like the best approach.

Yes, I have come to the same conclusion.

Yes I did playlists in other software / hardware and was not stable, so resorted to coping the test track files into a folder.
With my new server I thought I would give Roon a quick trial, hence my post as I could not get to my test tracks…

Can a Roon playlist can be copied and played via USB stick on other hardware. ?

I believe they use the .m3u standard, yes.

And if you want to import

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