Show higher res version of library album on Qobuz?

I have some CDs loaded in my libary that Qobuz has streaming via HD.
Is there a way to have both shown in the Roon browser?

ty :slight_smile:

Settings - General - Show Hidden Tracks and Albums

I think that will do it. It shows my Tidal and Qobuz albums, all of which I have on both services.

In the world of funny - I think I found it immediately after I posted this!

If you click on an album that is also in Qobuz - you will see a “Versions” tab next to “Track” and “Credits”
That shows all versions on both my library and Qobuz.

thank you!

I use the Versions feature when adding albums from Tidal and Qobuz to my library. I always want to add the highest resolution from each service. However, I always want to see both, therefore the “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums” selection.