"Show only duplicates" - TIDAL Playlists

i frequently play TIDAL playlists in Roon, and have noticed a little slider in upper right corner displaying “Only show duplicates” on/off. This only shows up when you are in a TIDAL playlist window in Roon.
I have naturally flicked it on and off without understanding what it does('nt).
What is the intented purpose of this switch, and can you privide an example?
Thank you,

Regards, Oyvind from Norway

That slider is available in all of my playlists. When it’s on the only songs in the playlist that display are those that are duplicates. It’s helpful for when you’ve been adding songs to a playlist over a period of time and want to edit out songs that you’ve added more than once.

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Well… reading my question again now, i realize it seems a little self-explanatory…“Only show duplicates” .
But somehow i didnt catch that initially… :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway; thank you for answering, Dave R :+1: