Show the "heart" in more views, specifically search results

I use the “heart” to keep track of tracks I have in playlists, as in “I’ve indicated this track is a good one”.
It would be great to show the heart in screens such as search results such that I can see when searching if I’ve already chosen one or more of the search result tracks to be in my playlists / a favorite.



I just go to Tracks, select Heart at the top of the page and there they all are. Makes a great random playlist as it’s all your favourites.

I don’t think that’s it. That works when browsing but not searching, unless I’m missing it.
That is, I want a heart column in this view, the results of a search, such that I can see if any of the tracks matching the search result are “hearted”.

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While “Hearts” are displayed in most standard views, they do not seem to be included in the result set of specific track searches. If you search on a track, the result grid, which is what his screen pic shows, does not have the favorite’s heart.

I can see now.