Showcase your 1.8 themes

thanks! just downloaded from Hyperion.

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My initial stab at a light theme.


Yep, that’s pleasingly simple, in an elegant and muted sort of way :slight_smile:

Not sure if anyone will find this useful, but the link below points to a Google spreadsheet that renders the hex values in one column as coloured cells in another. If you want to use this document, please duplicate it before changing any of the values.

You’ll notice that there are two columns with hex data. If you find something in the ‘Actual’ column, this is the actual data in the Roon colors file. The only reason it’s split out from the other hex values is because I couldn’t find a way to parse the code with the % value included.

Anyway, probably not of much practical use, but feel free to make use of it.


Hey all – moved this thread to our new Themes category. Make sure you read the info I posted here:

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I just created a new topic that I think some of you may find interesting :slight_smile:

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LOL, the best part of the 1.8 release and it is unsupported :slight_smile:

By far the best improvements to this software are unsupported :slight_smile:

Thanks for the post.


I’m guessing from your comment that you’ve got the hang of modifying your themes, but you might find the theme generator I posted yesterday useful. It does save a bit of time in generating a reasonably coherent theme.

Decided to make another theme but went with a blue & yellow combo. I think it works quite well to be honest, liking more then the red one I did a few days ago.


Looks great. Nice pop but subdued at the same time.

A really simple theme today, quite similar to the ones I opened this topic with.

Firebrick Dark

Theme files here.


hmmmm… that looks familiar :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had to scroll back, and then laugh at my own comment regarding your very similar theme. Clearly it made a strong subconscious impression. In my defence, I’ve been working on a range of red based themes today so the dark one was just an extension.

I suspect we’ll all start duplicating each other at some point if we keep this up :slight_smile:

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all good …just cut me in on the all royalties!

~ :rofl:

Haha. I wish :slight_smile:

You could customize Roon ‘theme’ prior to 1.8 as well :wink:

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Yes since at least 2016.

It’s really nice and pleasing to the eye. Beautiful selection of colours and fonts. I am not going back to any other theme anytime soon. Thanks a lot and I really wish the Roon UI/UX folks would take note.

Wish we could do this on the iPad too.

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Thanks yes I did take a look yesterday but to be straight, I looked and thought that looks far more involved that I maybe have time to get into now, so bookmarked and moved on.

I will come back to it though and thanks for your work in putting it together.