Showing (off) your ROCK setup - description and photos

Here is mine:

Intel NUC 7i5 / 8 GB RAM / 120 GB SSD = € 500 - Akasa Case = € 90 – ZeroZone 100 Watt Power Supply = € 180 = TOTAL € 770,–


Intel NUC7 I5, Samsung EVO 960 M.2 256Gb, Samsung 850 1Tb SSD for music, Sbooster powersupply.

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NUC 6i5 / 16GB / 128GB NVME SSD (€400,00), flanked by two 2TB LaCie Rugged USB3 spinners

I appear to have one of those rare setups where the default PSU and bog standard Cat 5e cabling cannot be improved upon.

Of course, tucking it away in the storage room and following Roon’s architecture by maintaining endpoints away from Core may help.

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NUC (Bottom Right): ZOTAC i5 CI543 fan-less PC, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD loaded with ROCK, LAN connected
Linear Power supply (Top Left): KECES DC-116
NAS (Top Right): Seagate Personal Cloud single drive 4TB fan-less

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Is that the Newton S7 case. Looks good!

Yes - its the Newton S7

These showing off features need to be on instagram or something , always awesome to see what people are doing in regards to set ups but i fair the worlds missing out on what the roon community are doing ? #showtheworld

use #roon :slight_smile:

i see it on twitter once in a while.

ROCK is my constant but welcome house guest. NUC7i5, NAS, gigabit switch, and 802.11ac router alongside spare DVI monitor and keyboard all live in my extra bedroom for the past three months.


Moving from Vivid Oval 1.5 speakers to Vivid Oval B1 Decade speakers! In house tomorrow!

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Looks good!

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Like that Keces Linear Power Supply !!! Keces impresses me as a manufacturer that produces some very well-designed and executed products. I’d like to get the Keces P8 Dual and power my ROCK NUC and maybe the nearby Netgear Ethernet switch with it, although, I know the switch/hub with a linear supply is kind of crazy overkill.

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My “ROME” Build (Roon Optimized Multichannel Endpoint ; name is total Nerdom, I know :roll_eyes:):

Just configuring it now. It’s a NUC6CAYH in an Akasa Fanless Case (Newton AC) with the ROCK OS installation - will be used only as an endpoint for mainly HDMI Multichannel or USB multichannel (if I ever get a multichannel USB DAC - looking at the Okto Research DAC8 Pro presently) output. Also waiting for a better fanless case to come out to house my current ROCK NUC Core. Prolly this one:

Courtesy The Goatee Finally, a decent passive NUC case (from HDPLEX)

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