Showing (off) your Roon ARC setup - Portables, Android-Auto and Carplay - 2023

  1. Roon ARC - Lossless DSD/PCM playback via 5G/4G network with no issues (Vivo X60 Pro)
  2. iFi Go Bar USB-DAC connected via CB-18 iBasso silver plated USB-C OTG cable
  3. Fiio FD-5 semi-open single dynamic driver
  4. 8 strands of monocrystalline silver-plated copper earphones balanced cable terminated NOBUNAGA Lab connector

I like the above setup; in my opinion it sounds great on the go. The iFi Go bar seems to have everything in; A full MQA decoder/renderer, different filters settings for PCM including NOS. There’s dedicated hardware volume control with an option to completely detachable from the system volume; making very fine adjustment possible :smiley:

Great thread idea! I don’t know if this counts because it is rather stationary, but it is certainly the ARC revelation I had always dreamed of.

  • Schiit Modius DAC
  • Schiit Lokius EQ
  • Schiit Magnius headphone amp
  • Meze Liric headphones
  • Meze copper balanced XLR cable.
  • iPhone Xr with ARC

This is an absolute dream of a workstation for me in the office. Simple, relatively inexpensive, and a quick unplug of the headphones allows me to store them in a locked cabinet in my cubicle until the next day.

Sometimes I think about upping the game and replacing the Modius with a Bifrost 2/64 and the Magnius with a Jotunheim 2, but I listen with the current stack and just dig the sound. Adding more money seems silly to have on the desk at work.