Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

…just the bare minimum in order to survive…
I am envious!

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Qobuz, Hi Rez files on storage off the BD Pi, Radio Paradise
Roon Core iMAC (physically wired to mesh node)
Bryston BDP Pi (Roon Enpoint Physically wired to mesh node)
Wadia 321 DAC
Rogue RP-1 Pre (Mullard matched tubes)
PS Audio S300 Amp
Focal Aria 926

I have done comparison with Roon vs. running directly off the Bryston Pi. The Manic Moose software on the Bryston pales in comparison to Roon. But SQ is better running directly off the Bryston vs Roon. Especially when sourcing Radio Paradise FLAC (16/48). I have read where the iMAC is a noisy little beast as a server maybe that’s why? But the difference is easily discerned. I would like to try a Roon core on a SGC i5 but currently not motivated to drop $800 …yet.


I got a noticeable improvement switching my endpoint from a MBP to an Allo Signature (running RoPieee). I did not change the core. I cannot understand why there would be such a difference between Roon vs. Manic Moose but I mention this because I believe the endpoint makes the difference in sound quality not the core. This is echoed by Roon as well. Might be worth trying to find a different endpoint and using the Bryston as a DAC just as an experiment.

Might be worth looking at in the future for sure. Right now I just suspect my multi year old iMac mini hardware as being a weak link not the Roon Core software. No DAC in the Bryston Pi she dedicated streaming device. Still interested in a dedicated device for the core.

Love a bit of a Bryston


The Bryston music player server is MPD. There has been a long debate on differences in SQ between MPD and roon so you are not alone. But there should be a consensus by now on optimum configuration with roon, maybe on a Bryston community site.

That Bryston Pi is also actually a Raspbery Pi in a Bryston case. It has a much better power supply etc. etc. than typical DIY builds and should exceed the performance of DIY Rasberry Pi’s that many here have found success with but not by much. This guy is controversial in some quarters but it’s all explained here. Might be worth trying a S/PDIF input on the Wadia if you are using USB at the moment.

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I have Roon throughout the house. My endpoint systems are:

Den: NAD M10 driving PSB Synchrony One and REL T-7i

Whole house: BlueSound Node 2i, NAD CI980 multi-channel amp driving 4 Zones; Speakercraft ceiling speakers

Dedicated Music Room: Sim Audio Moon 390A, Sim Audio 330A amplifier and Magnepan 1.7 and REL S-510

I am enclosing a photo of the den set up only. I am very happy with the NAD M10. It is elegantly simple and eliminated the number of electronic boxes, systems, interconnects etc. It is so easy to operate and the display is outstanding. More time to simply enjoy the music.



Hi Roonies – I enjoy admiring all the incredible setups in this thread. At the same time it is a bit intimidating seeing so many ultra high end combinations.

My little music listening corner is rather simple. A Sandisk 1 TB SSD filled with a selection of mainly FLACs stuck into a port of my old laptop, ROON software loaded, sending the music to an Airport Express which pushes it into a Musical Fidelity M1 DAC, which provides two Hexateq mono blocks with the analog signal that goes into two small Dynaudio speakers. There’s also a very old Logitech Squeezebox which I can use to listen to internet radio stations.

And in the midst of that is some basic coffee preparation hardware so I can have an espresso while listening.

I would like to have a device stacked on top of the DAC which, like a Nucleus, reads from a 10TB usb HD, communicating with my Roon app on the laptop. It’s not clear to me what device would work very straightforward and simple. The sMS-200 Neo could be it, but when I look up YouTube videos about it, I see guys explaining highly complex stuff about it instead of just showing how simple it could work :wink:



Why not just connect a USB drive directly to your laptop?

Currently, you’re using a 1 TB Sandisk. Why do you believe you need a 10 TB drive?


Hi – I do have a large drive with lots of music on it already but with that connected, I can’t pick up the laptop and move it to the coffee roaster and roast coffee (controlled by software on the laptop). It anchors down the laptop.
The tiny 1 TB disk is not a big nuisance but I can’t get all my music on it. I have two small 5TB disks but those also make the laptop less easy to pick up and sit in another chair. Accidentally pulling / unplugging can cause the disk to fail and that’s a waste.
Just having all music related stuff near the DAC & amps and use the laptop app to select and press play would be easier.

Beautiful setup, I love it.


Sounds like you need a NUC running Roon Core.

Your laptop would then just be a control point.

Here’s an example -


Do tell us about this coffee roaster!


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Thanks. I looked up the link. I suppose in actual reality it will be simple, the long list of specs that I can decipher only partly suggests that it will be way beyond my ability or ambition to try to get working. Almost like some of the HiFi hardware that people sum up that to me looks like a list of mysterious pills to take. I’ve also considered getting a Mac mini as in that case i could just add the HD that I already formatted for my Mac laptop. But then I would, to set it up and maintain, also need a monitor, keyboard, and mouse so I would basically buy another computer which would also have my mail and other stuff. That would be a bit of an overkill. The Nucleus is also a complete little personal computer but hides that very well, in an attractive cooling fin box :wink: So in the end it might just be a choice between not changing anything or getting a Nucleus.

This was replied to me but it was Sam_Victor who mentioned the M10 – I have no idea what that is. Sam will probably spot your reply and answer.

thanks for your thoughts about the M10- i’ve been intrigued by it, but historically I don’t like the sound of class D amps. have you had any issues w/ your BluOS gear and Roon? i recently inherited some 2nd generation BluOS gear, and have slowly been integrating it. i’ve found i’ve had to reboot my core each time a new piece is added, but then it seems to work ok.



A note on the M10 - I believe it uses nCore modules from Hypex. Those have a good reputation, and - as far as I can tell from the nCore 400 monos I use powering Dynaudio Special 40s - produce a fine sound.

I came from a Naim Nait XS2 so YMMV.

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I was always very jealous of all the impressive system diagrams. After 2 years of procrastinating I have had another go at my own one…