Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

yes I read all the blurb soon as Derek posted the name guys…give me some credit. But the picture doesn’t give much away. the USB-C is for power only. Edit OK maybe I misread that bit but I don’t see any USB C cable there either unless its an optical trick that makes the cable there look lower than the same level as the RCA’s

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USB for power and data.
Independent measurements here

OK I zoomed the image and stand corrected.

That’s on the website too… hard to miss… long day Wiz? :grin:

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Does this thing Roon and MQA?


Amazing little DAC though. I am really taken back by the difference it makes in my setup.

Have thrown just about everything i have at it with no issues. I don’t have much DSD content but no issues with roon upsampling to DSD.

Just a heads up if you set one up do NOT use the test drivers on windows. Stick with the stable.

I have the Roon Core running on a Dell server with SSD in my office, along with a 4 drive NAS with 15000 cds. In my music room I have a DCS Network Bridge as my Roon endpoint, going into a Berkeley Alpha Reference MQA Dac. The Dac output goes to an Ayon Triton Integrated amp, and also around the room to a WOO Audio tube headphone amp with Sennheiser HD650 at the listening chair. Speakers are Wilson Sophia II.
I use 2 Running Springs Audio Duke power conditioners, upgraded power cords and Wireworld AES & interconnect. It sounds superb, and I’m loving the MQA.


Thanks. I just bought the VM1 to use as a transport. Finally, all the connectors on one side.

@Dan_Knight @spockfish -

Any plans to support this?

Help me out here @xxx.

What’s there to support?

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So, Ropieee will install on this SBC without a problem? Great.

I ask because DietPi, for example, specifies different releases per SBC.


no that’s not what I said. I was just asking which device you were referring to, as the thread discussed various devices.

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OK, misunderstood your response.

Ropieee runs only on a raspberry pi so I don’t think it’s going to work. Maybe Dan has a build…maybe you need to get dirty in the cli to add Roon Bridge

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Did you have to install RoonBridge on Khadas this way? -

Slim, I am running just the tone board dac. Feeding it from windows/Allo usbridge.

Haven’t played around with the vim.

For $75 the dac is a steal.



That’s a Sony MHC-2600!!

My first “real stereo” that I bought when I graduated college. I adored that system and am occasionally guilty of looking on eBay for another, purely for nostalgia reasons. Why don’t I still have it? Because the CD player on mine went south multiple times and rather than fix it after the third try, Sony offered to replace it with something newer (back when Sony was still a great company that gave a crap about customers). Of course that newer system sounded like crap, but it was too late. Mine was gone.

Loved the styling and the size and simplicity of that system. Enjoy it and take good care of it.

Mike D

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Actually it’s an MHC-3600 and the CD player no longer works :rofl: but everything else works and it still sounds very nice. Each of the speakers are split into a woofer unit and midrange/treble unit - bi-amped! Pretty cool for it’s time.

First off my cat. Lol

PC with roon core fed to Marantz had dac1
Crimson preamp cs610c crimson monoblocks cs630c
Speakers Celestion A1


Hilarious :grin:

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Hi Magnus,

I followed your advise and bought a Allo USBridge which took the place of the Mac mini. After weeks of using the USBridge I held a A/B session together with an Audiophile friend last Saturday. The both of us heard NO difference between the Mac mini with Roon and the USBridge with Roonbridge. All the other parts in the digital chain remain the same. The USBridge was only powered with 1 power supply. I’read that using separate power supplies for the USBridge are better?!

Now I use the USBridge instead of the RaspberryPi in my zone 2.