Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Mike O'Neill) #2239

And a luring Revox A77, nostalgia eh !!


almost didn’t see that, half cropped out!


Auralic Aries G1 into Meridian DSP3100s, Roon Core on a QNAP 451+ (out of the way in the Study).
Thorens TD150 (as old as me - belonged to my Grandfather - although he wouldn’t recognise it now!) with a Linn Ittok & AT33PTG/II, ISOKentic Power Supply, Trichord Dino3 Phono Stage & Dino+ PS.
Meridian G68 for Surround duties (Blu-ray/Plex) and Phono.

(Staatskapelle) #2242

That Thing You Do is a great movie. Critics likely hated it but it’s a lot of fun.

(Derek Wyman) #2243

Think I’m done for a while (maybe?) In my main room

Rock - Allo USBridge - Khadis Tone Board - Onkyo NR686 - Kef Q350s

…and apparently Roon hasn’t quite sorted out the cropping just yet lol

(Luke Boyce) #2244

It was actually well-reviewed but I think it’s still grossly underrated. The fact that it was completely written and directed by Tom Hanks just shows not only how massively talented he is more than just his acting ability, but his ability to craft such a loving and infectious tribute to one of the greatest era’s of pop music. It’s one of my all-time favorites. :blush:


same for me, had a Revox PR99 for too many years

(Derek Wyman) #2246

Bedroom Setup

RPI>HifiBerryDigi+Pro>KhadasToneBoard>SchiIt Magni 3>Massdrop Senn 6xx


Was at a Bjork concert decades ago at the 22,000 person Shoreline Amphitheater with good seats (2nd ring, center). Some songs hit 115dBC and still sounded fantastic. However, the sound quality at home playing her albums is even better at 115dBC, except the deep bass isn’t quite as immersive or clean.

(Ralph Pantuso) #2248

Nice - simple and clean.

(Derek Wyman) #2249

Thanks. No i just need to kill all the LEDs. Not good for late night listening. Currently using electrical tape lol


Make sure it’s Audiophile electrical tape. Does Russ Andrews not do some? (ground it as well-leakage currents… :wink: )

(Ralph Pantuso) #2251

My wife often says that our house is brighter at night than in the daytime from all the LEDs and other glowing lights on the all the computer and entertainment devices.

(Derek Wyman) #2252

My office is pretty scary at night lol. Looks like nasa.

(Isiah Lau) #2253

I use this onkyo 686e too! I am very surprised by the good sound regardless the cheap price. Btw how do you show “what’s playing” on the TV?

(Derek Wyman) #2254

I use a Chromecast as a roon display.

(Ian Renwood) #2255

Hello, I’m new to Roon but loving it.

I have the following kit and settings and would LOVE any feedback on suggested tweaks from more seasoned users…

I hope I’ve put this in the correct group.

Chord Qutest DAC
PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier
Wilson Benesch Vector Speakers



Looks nice! Do you like your isoAcoustics isolators?
I am thinking to buy them.

(Ian Renwood) #2257

Yes @Roony I do. I can hear the difference. I feel it helps the speakers stay true to their purist roots!


NUC7i5, Akasa Newton S7 enclosure, Meridian Explorer2 DAC, AKG K701


Sony STR DB840 QS
Marantz NA 7004
ODROID C2 running DietPi as a Roon Bridge
Canton Ergo 900 DC
Canton Ergo 502 CM
Panasonic TX-P50GTW60
Sony PlayStation 4