Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos


Take pride in the fact that Freud thought a neat desk was the sign of a messy mind.


The funny thing is that I could have posted these years back but thought I’d just tidy things first… today I thought who cares!


how do you like the 218?


I really like the 218. Its a great little box and works well as a 2 channel solution whilst working with the G68 for surround sound. Not the most expensive way of getting MQA through a Meridian product either.
It was a bit of a pain to set up initially with mixed Meridian Comms but not an issue so much now. Not sure whether I could have gotten away with the new 210 product which is imminent…

Meridian 210 Datasheet



Curious, general view is power supplies are important. Meridian were a bit late to the party there. This box has a built in PS, using such a box into a £15k pair of speakers (system effectively) seems like underplaying things? Clearly not but… (off topic I guess)


You’re probably right. I had the 218 prior to the 7200SE and now I have no hi-fi budget! Let me know what you would recommend, instead,



what’s the difference between the 218 and the 210?


The 210 is primarily a streaming device - Bluetooth, Spotify Play, Roon and potentially other networked products. The 218 is more of a pre-amp and includes optical and coaxial in. It also supports Sooloos (The real Roon! :smile:)

There is a big thread of this on Hitchhikers
Meridian 210 Thread on Hitchhikers

(Chris ) #2390

The 218 has analog outputs, I don’t think the 210 does.


Yeah, I saw that, and have been interested in the 218 for a while. In a few locations I don’t need analog outs, but wondered why the 210 is 50% more expensive.

(Chris ) #2392

Is it more expensive? Last I saw they were the same price but that could have been a miss print.
No Bluetooth etc on the 218


i could be mistaken, but thought the 218 was $1k, and the 210 $1.5k.

(Wim) #2394

My babies are back. I found a pair of Technics SB-7000 speakers in Germany.
I bought these speakers in 1978 but they did not survive the former swmbo.
Drove 500 km today to pick them up. They sound a little more bass heavy compared to the Opticons.
Considering to add a MiniDSP DDRC-24 with Dirac Live between the amp’s Pre-Out and Main-In.


Brother, I dig your setup, but I don’t understand the speaker placement.

Is this because of SWMBO.

(Wim) #2396

Just took them out of the car and put them there for a first test.
I will do some more listening and then decide weather to keep both pairs or just the Technics speakers.

(Ged) #2397

I should do a “now we are breeding puny humans” picture but I’m worried my own machines might get me…

(Peter Hafkamp) #2398

Just upgraded my Rock Nuc with a 4Tb SSD for music storage.

(Daniel Beyer) #2399

I am always a fan of keeping the music local for playback. :smiley:

(Robert ) #2400

That was a clue you should have kept the speakers instead of the swmbo. Congrats on the reunion.


maybe she took the speakers!