Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Henry) #1527

Canton have never caught the imagination of U.K. buyers. Great speakers.


Is your Classé a true balanced design? I wouldn’t think so.
And when you feed the Classé a balanced Signal into a non genuine balanced amp, the Signal Needs to be balanced and in the amp unbalanced again :roll_eyes:

Does your Classé amp also have RCA Inputs?
If so, you could try RCA from the Lampi to the Classé. I wouldn’t be surprised if single ended RCA sounds better than XLR balanced :wink:

(Mike) #1529

@Christoph The Classé 2100 is a fully balanced design, and also offers single ended (RCA) inputs. End-to-end balanced is always preferable if possible.


I rather think the Classé 2100 is an unbalanced design, accepting one XLR Input that is then converted to unbalanced to match the other 4 unbalanced Inputs and one unbalanced Output :wink:


Interesting conflict of opinion her between @MJB and @Christoph! Any other Classe experts care to chip in? :slight_smile:

(alessandro niola) #1532

Hi Roon lovers!
Here is my latest set up:

Rock on Intel i3 NUC with Akasa Plato fanless case with Teradak LPS.
Feeding an Aries Femto > Heed Obelisk DAC > Cyrus Pre xp/ Stereo 200 > PMC Twenty 21
Library stored on Synolgy 916+ NAS

Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

(James Antognini) #1533

I looked at Cirrus7 maybe a year ago. Yes, e-mail in English works. Unfortunately, at least then, their products weren’t clearly compatible with FCC regulations, and the company was hesitant to sell a unit to someone in the US. Too bad: Lovely case.


Here’s my home theater. While it’s designed specifically for movies I listen to a lot of 2 channel high res audio in this room on my Sony HAP-Z1ES and it sounds amazing. I originally had a snooker table in the room. My son and I (before he got married and moved) decided we’d enjoy a media room more than playing pool. You can’t tell, but the room was originally built as a sun room and has 1 door to the outside and 9 windows. We painted the walls dark brown and the ceiling flat black. We tacked up painted masonite panels to keep the light out because the curtains did block all the light like we expected. Everything is custom done by me, my son and a couple buddies helped us build the riser. I had a ductless Mitsubishi AC/heat pump installed to keep it off my main HVAC system. The 110" acoustically transparent screen is hanging in front of the curtains with a custom built bracket. Behind the screen is an additional center channel which improves dialog on the second row. The theater is named the “Gold Star Theater” because of the gold stars in the carpet. The sound system is currently 5.1.2. I just purchased an additional amp for preout and plan on upgrading to either 5.1.4 or 7.1.2 next month. The seats are top grain leather with electric recline and electric head rest. Paragon popcorn popper, 2 x Goldberg Brothers movie reel tables with movie reel hand pulls on entrance doors. Back row of seats have full blown Buttkickers installed for added rumble during action scenes. All audio equipment, amps, etc are in Sanus AV/Rack. I ordered a Chromecast audio from Google today and plan on using that to make the room a Roon endpoint.

Here’s a list of the audio equipment.

Denon x4200w

Front L/R: Klipsch RP-280F
Rear L/R: Klipsch RP-240s
Front Elevation: RP-140sa
Center: RP-450C and RP-250C behind screen
Sub: R-115SW

(Kenneth F Krutsch) #1535

The Woo is a WA3 with Western Digital 421a power tube and a pair of Siemens E288CC.

(Kenneth F Krutsch) #1536

A WA3 (OTL amp). With the right tubes and 'phones, it’s magic.

(Mike O'Neill) #1537

Wanna be jealous …

I had the 582 and a CR7 E

Mind you I was broke afterwards

Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be …

(Sean) #1538

Crikey ! That’s a great setup. OKC Thunder doing nicely in the standings :grin:

(dej) #1539

Matrix x sabre pro
Cirrus7 server
Genelec 8351 on gstands

(Mike) #1540

I like those Cirrus 7 cases, very nice.

(paolo) #1541

see that’s the “Media Server” Cirrus: are you running just Rock on it or… ?

asking 'cause I’m considering one and not sure which one to get “media” or “business” :no_mouth:
(will only run Rock on it)

(Hugo Sharp) #1542

Yeah I’m thinking the same thing. Very nice indeed. Hadn’t heard of them a week ago and now seem to be everywhere.

(dej) #1543

I have media version wich is based on 8th gen of nuc and im running windows on, because i need them. Im not sure if Rock works on 8th NUC?

But maybe cirrus have 7th gen of NUC, you should ask them.

(Jeremy) #1544

Genelec are sweet sounding active speakers! One of the best. I especially like their small models like the 8020.


This is really handcrafted. Not a chinese copy of anything. And unlike others, you can it easy disassemble for changing hardware.

(dej) #1546

Yes, they are very good.