Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #1567

The cupboard hides an array of other sins, including a snakes wedding of cables.

(David Shacknofsky) #1568

YBA Passion Power Amplifier
Sugden Master Class Pre amp
PSAudio Dsd with Bridge II being fed by Roon
Chario Sovran Academy speakers

(Tobin Harris) #1570

Have you gone for a Naim for music listening and an Arcam for surround? If so, soes that mean you have a separate set of 5.1 surrounds or do you link the Naim to the Arcam for centre channel?

I’m currently contemplating this one!

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #1571

As I said, a sorry tangle


Wow, if you think that is a tangle, I cannot imagine what you would think about the disaster of wires behind my TV/kit rack. I looked yesterday and its insane, I must try and get a picture.

(simon arnold) #1573

Nope for 5.1 I use the Atom essentially as a power amp to drive the front speakers only so I get pure stereo for music and 5.1 for movies, with one 5.1 setup.

So the Arcam feeds into the line in of the Atom and I have this input set to AV Fixed volume which is essentially setting it as a prein and this allows the Arcam to control the voulme of AV.

Just the two floorstanders are connected to the Atom, all the rest to the Arcam AV. Then it’s just run the DSP calibration on the amp and this adjusts for the differences in amplification between for 5.1, and music is handled without on the Atom using inbuilt Roon, UPnP or cd. Works well for my needs.

(Mike O'Neill) #1574

The real drag is that by the time you can afford it ( mortgage etc) yours ears are shot…

(Mike O'Neill) #1575

Can it be seen, if not don’t worry

Who ever describes Wireless Audio

(Chris ) #1576

That is one of life’s bitter ironies although my hearing is fine and maybe I am lucky.

(Tobin Harris) #1577

That’s interesting. I’m considering a Naim Star into some Dali Rubicon LCRs and I bet it will also support AV Fixed, which I didn’t realise you could do. Either that or a NAD 758 to do all speakers, replacing my current Marantz 5006.

(simon arnold) #1578

All the Naim amps have the AV fixed volume.

(Andrea - Italy) #1579


NUC i7 with Rood ROCK > Intona > Schiit Yggdrasil DAC > Integrated Amplifier Burmester 032 > Loudspeaker Burmester B80 MKII

(Tobin Harris) #1580

Thanks. Is there any way for the Naim to auto-select source? For example, when you start watching a film, it auto-switches to AV inputs?

(Mike O'Neill) #1581

Too many years with Zeppelin at Mach 9 on headphones don’t help :face_with_head_bandage:

(Chris ) #1582

Ahhhhh… I see…

(simon arnold) #1583

Nope you have to manually switch to analogue input, but Roon will auto switch when you play via Roon app on the new unity.

(Frank Berens) #1584

Enough changes since February for a new photo and diagram. New mono amps, new DAC and new speakers! I’am ready for the winter.

My audio website (in Dutch only)


Are you sure the Speakers are close enough to the sidewalls :roll_eyes:
SCNR :wink:
But it does look very nice :+1:

(Magnus) #1586

Nice system, but do yourself a favor and add one or more transports, at least between Mac Mini and Audiolab DAC. That system deserves cleaner USB, and a cheap transport like Allo USBridge will yield big improvements to sound quality.

(Chris ) #1587

I took another pic today, I need better light for this really… Meridian DSP 5200SE. The guitar is my beloved Tanglewood set up for me by Roy Gandy (Rega) He added a zero fret also, giving me a lovely low action.
What to do with old albums? See pic… Okie