Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Rene Bouwmeester) #1608

That’s what withdrawal does to you…

(Chris ) #1609

Sorry to hear that, but that’s what I would have to do also. The Pulse 2 is good but? …


I settled on windows also for both core and endpoints.
Mac OS is a non starter for anything worthwhile and, for me at least, Linux has proven to be far more unstable than Windows time and again. I tried to like Linux, but found it to mess up far too often when updating.
I do think the Roon chaps are Apple fans though… seems to get more love, but might just be my perception.

(simon arnold) #1611

Now that is something to behold. Mines always bothered me, but this is a whole new level. I guess out os sight out of mind.


I have been swapping bits of kit in and out regularly, replacing mains blocks, adding a large switch (which various cables x10), changing TVs, speaker cables and it gets out of hand quickly. Even if I started again, which I might, I don’t know how to make it much neater…

(Chris ) #1613

It’s about time we all fest up here, we all have this dirty secret :joy:

1, A piece of gutter to hide wire.
2 A piece of art by SWMBO to cover the holes from my old Center speaker brackets.
3 Ceramic Poppy from the Tower of London exhibition.
4 My Tanglewood Guitar always ready to play
5 Lucky elephant… Why not?
6 Door bell positioned to cover the Leter box see 7
7 letter box on a removable panel held in place by magnets for wires to pass through.

Julian O’dell did the drawings in aid of Macmillan Cancer care.


Hm, looks quite similar!

(simon arnold) #1615

Ok fessed up but it’s not that bad. :slight_smile:

The audio kit is actually in a Tachima filtering powerstrip which is hidden further up behind a curtain only non audio kit is on the mains block behind and on a different socket at other side of room for minimum smps noise. Used some cable socks and wrap to tidy stuff up. Some would no doubt cry having cables to close to each other but it made no difference to any sound to me and it’s neater.

(Mark Edwards) #1616

That mess makes me feel a whole lot better Chris.

Doesn’t your guitar resonate being so close the your speaker?

(Mark Edwards) #1617

Maybe you and @RBM should get together for a bit :thinking:

(Rene Bouwmeester) #1618

We did last weekend.

It resulted in this.

(Mark Edwards) #1619

Er, what happened :joy:

(Chris ) #1620

Nope, I never notice anything from the listening position.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #1621

Not sure I’m willing to disclose: the story potential is endless here… :smiley:

But for clarity’s sake: @Grump came over to listen to mine before buying a pair of his own. Afterwards, one of mine came down with the flu (still blaming that New Order track). And since, one his his new speakers got delivered – the other one is still in the back of a van, it appears.

Just set Roon to downmix to mono. He did as well, I believe. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mark Edwards) #1622

Laurel & Hardy spring to mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Rene Bouwmeester) #1623

(Mark Edwards) #1624

That’s a fantastic picture of the comedic duo.

(simon arnold) #1625

Which New Order track do you believe caused the damage? I once crashed and totaled my car listening to Shellshock. Cant listen to it any more without having flashbacks.


I believe it was the track about an MQA coloured Monday. Must be the cause of it all… :slight_smile:

(Mike O'Neill) #1627

Whoever called it Wireless Audio ?