Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Mathias Bürgin) #1774

I`m also running Roon Core on a Mac mini with 2TB SSD - Endpoint is a Auralic Vega G2.
MCIntosh 8000 - B&W 802 D2

(David Orgel) #1775

Wow! Gorgeous room. And two Eames chairs!

(Mike O'Neill) #1776

I called my dog Karik after my super CD deck (Linn Karik), her job was to protect it against all comes , however she was. Soppy yellow lab , more likely to lick than bite

Nobody nicked the deck though


(KMP14) #1777

Love that McIntosh gear!

(Jeremy) #1778

Love it too.

We need a McIntosh thread.

(Ged) #1779

Plus a bumper rack of headphones it seems.

(Steve) #1780

Bloody amazing ! Next time you go on holiday I could pop over and stay at your place for you and look after your gear :wink:

(Patrick Vanmassenhove) #1781

I stream to the SoTM 200 ultra and the Mytek dac is connect to the Yamaha reciever
The server is audioaanzee
The cd player is without dac,(already old)


Just ordered a new Mac Mini 3.2 GHz 6-Core i7 with 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD with a 10 Gigabit Ethernet functionality. It will arrive tomorrow.

I decided against a Roon Nucleus. My Mac Book Pro is getting a little long in the tooth and it definitely needs replacement in the near future. So I’ll transfer my Roon licence to the Mac Mini to run the Roon number crunching and still have enough capacity to do whatever little work needs to be done. Besides, the setup I have with Roon Core running on my Mac Book Pro connected via Cat 7A to my Devialet sounds absolutely sweet and I personally don’t see myself getting into this high-end setup that presumably promises ‘immense improvement’ of sound quality. I am pretty happy with what I have now.

(Magnus) #1783

Here is how my setup looks now, nothing very expensive but I have tried to get the stuff I have to sound as good as possible before upgrading, so lots of smaller tweaks:

And here is schematics:

(Kenneth F Krutsch) #1784

That’s an awesome looking setup. “Old fuse box” in your diagram made me laugh out loud :grinning:

(Chris ) #1785

Ok, this is not my Roon set up but I just came across a pic I took when we hosted the wonderful Anna Coogan.
Cable purists, look away as this is rock n roll…

(Rene Bouwmeester) #1786

Look who is being a naughy boy this Christmas:

(Yes, I need new furniture if I decide to keep the Phantoms…).


Why two camera’s on the same spot, Rene? I feel sorry for your muted Meridians… :wink:


How do you like the Phantoms?

(Mr Fix It ) #1789

Looks more like Easter :hatching_chick:

(Rene Bouwmeester) #1790

Too soon to tell… (They landed on my doorstep 4 hours ago).

So far, I like them WAY better than I expected: very mature, effortless sound, unbelievable (but textured and never boomy or artificial sounding) bass, nuanced and detailed mids/highs. While they were probably not designed for this, my usual ECMish fare is doing quite nicely. :slight_smile:

Did a few quick A/B’s with my current setup (Meridian DSP5200 with MiniDSP/Dirac room correction). The are differences of course, but so far most them in favor of the golden eggs. More listening required though.

If I needed to make the call right now (I have a 30 day return window), they’d be staying – so I guess they probably will.

(Sascha T.) #1792

Glad to hear your initial impressions are positive, Rene. I really like my Phantoms, too. They make up our audio center piece and sit atop our living room kitchen cabinets, flooding the 36 square meter room with sound :star_struck:

I’m still considering the Gecko mounts to attach them to the walls further apart from each other and angled down more. They are currently connected via HifiBerry Digi+ Pro and an optical splitter in „direct optical“ mode.


Thanks Rene.
Would love to hear what you think after a month.
I have them on my watchlist.

(Ralph Pantuso) #1794

Now that’s what I call a music room. Beautiful, simple, clean and focused.