Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos

(Ralph Pantuso) #1916

A few things have lead to this situation. First I have been living in this house for over 30 years. Second I tend not to sell or otherwise dispose of old audio equipment and the equipment that I don’t just give away to friends and family I try to reuse. So the JVC system in the garage was once in my office but then I retired so no more office. The Sony mini system was once my bedroom system. The Aragon power amp was once in my main system before being replaced by the Sim Audio amp. The second TV was once my main TV. You get the idea.

And the various Squeezeboxen are because I kept upgrading these as well. First there were the Classics replaced by the Touches and Transporter. One of the many great things about a whole house streaming system is that one has access to one’s entire music library in each and every location without having to move LPs and CDs from room to room. Being a music junky I just love it!

(Ged) #1917

I mostly turn up the main system to get Whole House (well only sometimes :wink: )

(Ralph Pantuso) #1918

I use that approach whenever I am exercising down in the computer room, which doubles as the fitness center since I have a spin bike, a NordicTrack and a Concept2 rowing machine squeezed into the room along with a few compters. I like the music very loud while I am exercising.

(Wim) #1919

New headphone station for horizontal use. :sunglasses:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ powered by RoPieee
  • Audioquest Pearl USB
  • Meridian Explorer²
  • MrSpeakers ETHER C Flow


Thanks for the tip. Have tried it, it works great.

Edit: Now all components should be complete.

(Espen) #1921

Love those ghettoblasters!


The pictures are not close to true. My ghettoblasters are old. One is a portable radio, the other a JVC combo about 25 years old. The portable radio has a non working cassette deck, about 30 years old. The side-attached speakers have melted, we have had burning candles on it. The knops are seized and can not be turned anymore. You can only receive one radio station. But thanks to Roon, it can be more than ever now. I hear it every morning in the shower :sunglasses:

(Ralph Pantuso) #1923

So please take a new picture of your custom combination ghettoblaster/candle holder and post it. Thanks!

(John McBride) #1924

Do my eyes spy a whole bundle of Mosaic sets on those shelves? Good stuff.

(Ralph Pantuso) #1925

So it’s Mosaic box sets you want, eh?

Some of the Mosaics are LPs and a few are CDs. Note the Bill Evans box set (vinyl, won from WBGO-FM about 33 years ago) and the Time-Life collections, which are all quite good and feature very good sound and extensive liner notes.


Yes indeed. Mostly CD boxes, but a few LP ones too.

(frederic vogel) #1927

@RBM Amazing and neat setup! Thanks for sharing.

I own the same speakers with a Dialog box.

I use spdif in on the Dialog and another on one speaker to connect other systems:

  • an old Acer Revo with spdif out for Roon
  • a SSB Audio Adicon for playing vinyls.

I see you have a TV so you have probably noticed the sound delay when playing movie/concerts. How did you overcome the delay that the SPDIF input has? (I should have probably asked this on the Devialet Chat :slight_smile:)


EDIT: Devialet’s website has some answers to my question above.


My bedroom music setup…

Topping PA3 Class D amplifier

Topping DX3 Pro DAC + Headphones amp

ZOTAC fanless PC loaded with ROCK

Audio-Technica MSR-7 headphones

Mission LX-2 speakers with stands

LPS200 Linear Power Supply for ROCK and DAC
Topping SMPS power supply for power amp.

Playback from NAS and streaming, affordable setup. Hi-Res, up to 384k PCM and DSD256.

(Andrew) #1929


not mine, but i had the pleasure of listening to this lovely system late last night at the Tidal suite at CES. i’m typically not a fan of the mac sound (although i love the looks), but this sounded stunning, effortless, relaxed. source was a laptop running roon/tidal.

(Ged) #1931

Are the explorers as unusual as they look when they are fired up?

(Jeremy) #1932

IMHO, McIntosh C2600, C1000 and C1100 tube preamps all have stunning sound and with the some judicious rolling of tubes, these preamps are some of the best sounding gear you can find. McIntosh have always been great sounding although not the last word in resolution however lately they are hitting it out of the park in both resolution and great sound. A good tube preamp with solid state power amp is a great way to go, IMHO.

(Claire Fox) #1933

The Roonserver (build notes in /Linux is in place. Really lovely little box too.

(Evert) #1934

Lovely NuPro 60’s too :slight_smile:

(simon arnold) #1935

Breaking in these new additions. Tannoy XT6F, happy birthday to me.