Shuffle icon as an active button?

I have a rather trivial request here - sorry, if it is on file elsewhere, but I did not find anything similar …

I would like to be able to shuffle or unshuffle my queue from whatever screen, while I am listening to music. Basically I would like to have the shuffle-icon

to behave as a button just like it does in queue view.

I often listen to a shuffled queue and then get inspired to listen to a whole (unshuffled) album for a while. Right now this needs some awkward jumping between windows which I would like to avoid.
Or is there another simple solution that I have simply overlooked?


No it just indicates as you say. There are other requests for this. I will move yours to feature requests too.

If it helps any, add my request as well? See if we can create some momentum here

I would still like to see this feature, but for my usecase I found a different solution:

It does a whole lot more than just switching shuffle, but it does that as well.

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