Shuffle left “on” - Can it be made to timeout to off

I am a new Roon user and love the software. So far it works great. Only one minor quibble is shuffle. When you turn it on, it stays on and the next day you start a new album and it is shuffling. Can’t shuffle automatically reset to off after a queue is finished? Or a terrible problem but I always have to look at shuffle to see’if it is on. Also the indicator for on is just a subtle color change to the icon. A more graphic switch icon would be easier to see

Hi Roy,

It’s not necessarily clear what “after a queue is finished” means. If I have shuffle on for one album, then let Roon Radio play for a while and then play another album, should I expect shuffle to stay as I’ve set it or turn itself off ?

The current functionality is that shuffle is turned on/off for a zone and is sticky until toggled the other way. The icon in Queue changes from white to blue when toggled, like most other Roon switches. A shuffle icon appears next to the play bar in the footer when shuffle is toggled on.

When@queue is Finished, means a full program of music. For example, on a Sunday play a program of several artist or albums on shuffle. It end when all selections have been played. Next day go to play a new album and they start shuffling cause shuffle is still “on”. Can’t it auto reset to shuffle off? If you are playing a soundtrack or cast album, you do not want to shuffle. Default shuffle position should be off, no always on. I beleive iTunes may work the same as Roon? A slight annoyance.

I am not referring to Roon radio.

I’ve been there many times, always encountering some objection as to why it can’t be done.

Here are some of my frustrations -

As I’ve stated many times (too many times, really) a queue is finished when that message ‘Go find something to play’ is displayed.



As many other Roon users – given the proclivity of posts – I got bitten by the Shuffle SNAFU today and had to come here to figure it out. Why? Well, to paraphrase Roon’s COO, Danny Dulai:

If you’re one of the unlikely and rare users (wonder if the Roon gang keeps a running tally?) who wanted to use shuffle and found it, you will probably figure out how to turn it off. We don’t want to correct our non-intuitive shuffle implementation, because of those users who have already figure-IT out.

Yup, that makes sense::smirk:
Why do as others have cogently suggested; when you can continue to frustrate future users, because former users were somehow able to figure their way out of the Shuffle maze. :confounded:

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