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Hello everyone!
This is my first post and I’m hoping there is an easy answer.
I’m about to invest in Roon but I need to know if the application will allow me to shuffle my entire music library?
I have a Moon 780D with MiND 2 software which is quite annoying in the sense that it only allows playlists/shuffle of 250 tracks.
I have a ridiculously large library of 25TB loaded with 600k Flac files which I’d like to be able to utilize in a more satisfactory fashion.
Please help!

First off, you would need a very fast machine as a server to cope with that size of library.
Yes, you would be able to shuffle it but it would take a while to respond. I have a playlist with my 35k tracks in it and my i5 nuc creaks a bit when I start the shuffle of that.

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You didn’t say if you had taken advantage of the free trial. If you didn’t, I would encourage you to do that to make sure Roon can handle your library. I agree with Ged. I’ve got about 40K tracks and I routinely listen on shuffle with my Nucleus. It’s very responsive so I think you can probably shuffle your library. However, 600K tracks is about the biggest I’ve heard of and I know people have issues with very large libraries. It might be better to shuffle a subset of your library. You can focus on a number of criteria and change the focus periodically so you get through your library. Another work around is to divide your library in several storage locations. Then you can point Roon at a smaller subset of your collection and periodically change the watched folder(s) so you get through your whole collection.

Just an observation, if each track is approximately 3 minutes and you listen 4 hours a day it will take you about 20 years to shuffle your library. That’s not counting vacation :wink:

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Hi @Darren_McBain,
Welcome to the community.
As @ged_hickman1 mentions, that is a really large library. Probably up around top 1-2% or so (Roon has the stats on this). Something like that will need special attention. There is a thread that discusses the challenges such a library creates and how it needs to be considered differently than ‘the standard Roon Install’.
So you can certainly shuffle it, but there is a price to having such a wonderful library.

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I agree with the proposal to take the free trial. But when you do, and you try the shuffle, don’t select all and shuffle. Roon won’t like it. My poor little i5 NUC nearly had a heart attack.

Just open the album or track browser, and without selecting anything, hit the shuffle option in the play button top left. Roon then adds tracks in a random order one at a time.


Could you use the Roon radio function to give a similar effect to shuffling the whole library?

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This is a good idea for a new user to try. I won’t be the same as shuffling the whole library. If you shuffle the library, you obviously get everything. And it is mostly random.
With Roon Radio is is more targeted to the ‘fit’ with the selected seed track. IMO this is a better choice for such a large, and presumably diverse library.

Radio is limited to Genre, artist, album or track so not diverse enough to encompass a whole library.

Thanks Ged, didn’t realise that.

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