Shuffle Options on Tracks in Track View

Like to request the addition of “Shuffle” when clicking on a track in the track view. Shuffling the whole thing from the blue button up the top is good but usually i have a track in mind i want to start with. Want to be able to click that track and select shuffle and then Roon shuffles through all the tracks in the track view.
This would be a 90% use case for me whenever shuffling - so really useful.


Hi Hugo,
did you mean sort of “shuffle from here” or “shuffle to queue from here” option? If yes, this is a feature that i miss so much in Roon.
Shuffle mode starting from a specific song from e.g. a playlist (and also directly after the end of the current queue). In my opinion, such a feature culd join those already present: “Play from here” and “Queue from here”. That would be great.

Ideally ‘shuffle from here” but take anything at this point. ‘shuffle next’ even would work.