Shuffle options

I would like the shuffle feature to have the option to shuffle every track in a playlist completely randomly. Presently, if an album is added to a playlist from QOBUZ, the shuffle automatically plays the entire album in order before moving on to the next track or album. I prefer the shuffle to ignore the album set and see all the songs in the playlist as a set. Thank you for considering.

It shouldn’t do, unless all of the tracks are part of a work in which case it will play the work as a whole.

I see. That explains the rationale. I’m on the other end of the spectrum. I don’t care if I hear all the movements of a symphony in order. I actually prefer to mix it up. So for me, I’d rather not have an entire work play as a whole. I’m in the minority- which is why I’m wanting an option for making all tracks random. Thanks for responding.

I’m far from an expert on this part of roon so what I say may not be exact and may not apply to streamed albums.
I think if you add the album to your library you can then go into properties and uncheck the treat as a composition box.
Perhaps worth a try.

I neglected an important point. I mostly stream using Qobuz, so I don’t think I have the option to edit albums like one can in a personal library. I’m not sure, though.

Yes you can. Once you add an album to your library, Roon treats it like any other album.

With Qobuz, I don’t purchase or add anything to my personal library. I just create playlists. I believe that would not allow Roon access to albums that would be available only via a playlist. When I am in Roon and click on an album in a Qobuz playlist, Roon doesn’t have the add to library option. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks.

Umm- never mind, David. I’m blind. I was clicking on the three dots and completely ignoring the actual link that says Add to library. WOW! Thanks for your tip.