Shuffle Play from Tags including Playlists [Available in Build 831]

Would like to be able to shuffle play from a Tag and include all content including Playlists



This is already possible.

As far as playlists are concerned, you can add your own to a tag, or create local copies of TIDAL/Qobuz playlists you have in Roon.

From the main playlist screen, click the ‘…’ next to a playlist, then click ‘+ Save local copy’, then add the new playlist to a tag, again via the ‘…’.

I agree, it is possible… with playlists in which there are tracks that are in your library (if the column ‘Date added’ is empty, they are not). If you started from a Tidal playlist and made a local copy of that… the tracks in your playlist are not in your library. They will not show up if you do a shuffle play using the tag you attributed to that playlist. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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Thank you - you are correct. With a shuffle from a tag, which includes a playlist, the tracks have to be in your Roon library (streaming and local files).

However, adding the tracks from a new local copy of a TIDAL/Qobuz playlist to the Roon library via the playlist screen itself isn’t working correctly.

I’ll look for an existing support topic, and play around with it some more.

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Yes, this is definitely glitchy - not consistent in terms of where you add to tag


Thanks. If it helps, you can find my adventures in “trying to tag”-land here: Almost impossible to "Add to tag" more than 99% of the Tracks that are in "My Library" - #2 by Francois_De_Heel & here: Consistent and easy way to add a tag to a track (preferably while playing)

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Oh, I see @Francois_De_Heel is already well ahead of us on this issue:

And a related Feature request:

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Haha, I found them as you posted!

Thanks for all your hard work describing this issue!

I definitely add my support.

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Yes, agree with all comments. Hopefully a fix is coming !

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This has been implemented in Build 831: