Shuffle playing playlists and tags behavior and 1.8

Hi all.
I tried to find any posts concerning a similar description here on the forums, but was not able to.

I’ve noticed after the 1.8 update that when a playlist or a tag is shuffled, a queue is visibly created containing all the tracks in the playlist or tag. Previously in 1.7 when a tag or playlist was shuffled, the queue would look more like the radio function, where the next tracks would not be visible in a list, but would pop up with a thumbs down or up icon.

Are any of you aware of a way to replicate this behavior in 1.8?

No, I can’t remember how that was in 1.7.
I appreciate this queue. I find it useful to change the playback order…

I haven’t found a way to do that. The nice thing about the prior version was the ability to build the queue with the thumbs up and down. Although you can still edit the queue, there is no longer a way to easily manually add a track to the end of the queue because now it’s 5000 tracks down instead of below just whatever was deliberately added to the queue. So, better in some ways, not in others. Just odd that Roon fiddles with this stuff so much.


I was just about to type the same thing.
Hopefully we get the option to choose in a future update :smile:

Roon Radio is the only way to get this shuffle “mode” now.

The old behavior was a constant situation of confusion for new users and old too.

There was a shuffle mode (the thing @Espen is asking for), a shuffle toggle on the queue, shuffle buttons, and radio. They all were related, but different.

In an effort to reduce confusion in features, as well as naming, we decided to make the feature behave in a manner that didn’t surprise. If you’d never seen 1.7, the new functionality would just make sense.

While the 1.7 functionality may be perceived as interesting for playlist building, it wasn’t smart… it was just random, just like the 1.8 functionality.

In this case, we weighed the gains vs the losses, and decided it was an easy win. Over time, given our growth rate, more people will never have seen 1.7 functionality in about a year, so this was an easy win.

I can understand your choice, although the feature will be dearly missed :cry:
Thanks for your reply none the less :slight_smile:


I agree, had I never seen pre1.8 the thought would not have crossed my mind that a queue would be built that way. I can also remember that it was confusing to me until I built my own usage model around it.

I am fine with1.8 in that regard, not that you need my consent.

In terms of fiddling, I do live in fear (ok, mild concern) that at some point Roon’s future changes will kill a core usage mode for me. So it’s not so much resistance to change as it is concern for loss in the future.

For example, if the Boolean “and” focus for user Tags had survived long enough for me to get used to it, this latest build would have been quite the frustration. I’m just pretending it was never there!

I miss the previous shuffle-play as well.