Shuffle still limited to 5000

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nucleus +

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Not a network issue

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Not an audio device issue

Description Of Issue

I am fully updated on all devices and am still getting the 5000 shuffle limit. You sure this was fixed??

As far as I understand it, the fix was only meant to address the previous behaviour of shuffle taking the first 5k tracks from the active sort, in alphabetical order. Now it is a random selection across the whole of the sort.

But of course the 5k limit to shuffle still exists - perhaps to limit processing resources?

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The shuffle issue is fixed. The Queue limit is 5000 tracks and has nothing to do with shuffle. Try and fill up the Queue with tracks in order and you should hit the same 5000 tracks limit. Very misleading title for that feature request IMO.


I heard an employer say they get so many CV’s that 50% go in the bin… Unlucky for them was a reply… Who wants to employ unlucky people? Was the repost!
Ok, they were jesting, but there is no point having more than 5000 in a queue unless you are immortal and do nothing else than listen to music, as long as these are drawn at random from the greater pool…

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I’ve never gotten even to the 1000th song in the queue. I will come across a song that makes me want to play the entire album, or find a similar artist, triggers a memory of a song I just have to hear, etc., etc., etc. As long as the selection is truly random, why do we even need a queue???

That’s not really the point. If you have a Tag with 12000 songs and you want to shuffle them, are you limited to only listening to the same 5000 songs each time, so you never hear the other 7000?

If shuffle does the shuffle “first” and then only loads the first 5000 in, then it should be a different selection every time. But if it loads the same 5000 then only shuffles those, that is a HUGE problem for those of us who rely on Tags to load the queue.

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That is, indeed, how it works. 5000 selected randomly on each Shuffle.


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