Sigma Streamer direct to DAC possible?

Can roon or any other software tell the streamer to feed the dac from its internal storage (i.e. without the music file first coming through the ethernet port?)

This is probably a stupid question as I have not seen any mention of this in the manual or the DAC one either. Not even sure this makes sense as the streamer is not called a player, just a streamer! But I just want to confirm if this shortest file transfer path is even possible!


  1. Basic setup: Music file and Roon core are on mac mini -(ethernet)-> sigma streamer -(USB)-> E22 DAC
  2. Using Internal Storage on Sigma: music file on sigma -(ethernet)-> core -(ethernet)-> back to sigma -(USB)-> DAC
  3. Possible?: [software sees the shared file on the streamer] -(ethernet command only)-> sigma -(USB)-> DAC

Recently discovered there is internal storage on my sigma streamer and wondering if its possible to have the streamer feed the DAC without going through the network to roon core and back again? (i realize i could just connect my mac mini direct to the dac, but exploring this function for more flexibility with my network set-up)

Thanks for reading, J

If using Roon, your music files must travel to the Roon core device for processing. From there, they can go directly to your DAC. Usually, Roon recommends your music files be attached to your Roon core device.

Anything Roon processes has to go via the core. There isn’t any way around that.