Signal Path detailed information allow it to be viewed continuously

Could you add the “Signal Path” detailed information? (so that it could be viewed continuously even while navigating around and playing various content).

Quite often I make adjustments to DSP or zone settings, groupings etc. and I’d like to be able to view this information continuously even while pausing or playing or scrolling through content. Currently this Signal Path information goes away when any button is clicked (except the space bar).

This feature would be very handy in many cases including when scrolling through a section of a track while comparing various DSP settings.

There would of course have to be some way to identify which Roon endpoint was being displayed (with live links) if there were multiple endpoints going at the same time, or it all the info could be displayed in some condensed and perhaps translucent small overlay window.

Wouldn’t this result in incredible clutter on the screen? How could one avoid that?

Maybe you want a non-modal on demand pop-up window that could be docked, minimized, resized, or closed at will?

I like the idea, make the signal popup possible to drag away and leave open (like a dock/undock window). Might not be easily implemented depending on the GUI framework they use, and probably not very suited for use outside Windows/MacOS,

I’m wondering if the info the OP wants is available if a selection is not playing.

I view this as a selectable option, sort of like a pop-up that’s translucent. So it would be optional. Currently we can choose to see this window with information, but then have to lose this information to do any navigation or play/pause of the music. I’m suggesting some way to keep this information viewable while using Roon normally for listening control. And this could still be (in some very limited text form) viewable even on the smartphone UI. This wouldn’t have to take up that much real estate and could be translucent.

Related to this, it sure would be nice to have access to all the DSP on the smartphone UI - but that’s another issue :slight_smile: