Signal path, from router to core

I have my roon core on an iMac, connected wireless by stable 5GHz to my router (FritzBox 7590). My Roon endpoint (Auralic Aries Mini) is connected by Ethernet to my Router.
Everything is working fine and reliable.
Now my question, just becauase I’m curious: Do my musicfiles (streaming)

  1. Arrive at my router (coming from the internet)
  2. then transferred wireless to my roon core on my iMac
  3. are treated by roon core on my iMac
  4. are then transferred back to my router wireless
  5. are then transferred via ethernet from router to my roon endoint
    If yes, isn’t the signal path incomplete then ?

Signal path is from core to endpoint and is purely the audio processing chain not the network transfers it doesn’t care about those as they don’t affect the audio processing or quality of it being lossless. It only affects speed it can process which is reflected in the processing speed when it shows up. Anything above 100 doesn’t show at all.

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So, referring to the picture of my signal path,
the step from Source (FLAC) to Auralic Aries Mini (RAAT)
includes the steps
iMac (wireless) → router (wired) → Aries Mini
and is considered lossless ?

The source as it is labelled is your Mac. The rest just tells you where your music is coming from.

The Signal Path is not the actual network path the files take. And, your network path steps are correct. The file is streamed to the core, processed and then out again to the end point. This is one of the reasons to not have the Core on Wireless as the in/out hops can cause issues

Lossless has nothing to do with the network transmission level. It has to do with what processing Roon is doing and/or the source material. Turn on Volume leveling and you will not be lossless anymore.

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