Signal Path - iPad and iPhone one in Enhanced and on Lossless?

This is the signal path on my iPad Pro:

and this on my iPhone 11:

One is enhanced and the other lossless?

I thought it would be the same? But that is not the case?

Turn off volume leveling on the first one.

Of course, there’s no reason to think lossless sounds better than enhanced. It probably sounds worse or why enhance it?


Sorry @Jim_F - I don’t get your point :slight_smile:

PS: Turn off volume leveling did help :slight_smile: THX

Lossless doesn’t mean sounds best. It just means lossless.

in the first ,you use ipad headphone,so DA is ipad chip.
in the second,you use usb output,it means use ext DAC.
the mobile device not support hires,and also SRC all sound source.for listen all sound in same time.

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