Signal path output not showing Oppo HA-1

Hey guys - I’m new to Roon and am trying to wrap my head around all these settings. The issue (if an issue at all) is that in the Signal Path, my Oppo HA-1 DAC is not showing for “Output”. Output is currently showing “OS Mixer”. My setup:

  • Roon Server on MacMini in rack
  • Roon running on iMac>Oppo HA-1 DAC connected to iMac via USB

Shouldn’t the Output list the HA-1 instead of the OS Mixer?

Any help is appreciated.

Have you been into the audio settings to see what other options are offered for the Oppo? You need to enable them manually. Also exclusive mode may need to be enabled to give Roon control.

Yah, I’ve gone through them, while not understanding a lot of them. The Oppo supports DSD but the “Native” option isn’t available which makes me think the Oppo isn’t setup correctly in Roon.

I turned on Exclusive Mode but no change.

Ok, you’ll have to wait for someone more familiar with your kit, sorry!

No worries. Thanks!

I think in “Roon/Preferences/Audio” you have to enable “Connected to this Mac/System Output” then Roon should see your Oppo.

You will probably have to name it “Oppo HA-1” (or as you like) and check, using the clog-wheel, all is set properly
You might also need, on the iMac, to select your Oppo in “System Preferences/Audio/Output”

Looks like everything is set correctly. I even tried Exclusive Mode but didn’t change anything.

Audio Setup:

Settings for Oppo HA-1:

Flac File Playback:

Oppo Flac Output Data:

DSD File Playback:

Oppo DSD Output Data:

hhhhmmm… here is what I see for my Metrum Hex connected via USB (but to the Mac running Roon Core):

“OS Mixer” instead of “CoreAudio” in your signal path makes me think there’s something wrong in your device settings: try enabling “Exclusive Mode”

… think that’s the issue, in fact here’s my signal path:

Ok - Looks like that fixed it. I had that setting before - but now I think it works and is displaying properly. Even the Oppo looks to be showing the correct data.

Thanks everyone for the help!

BTW - is there a good desktop monitor/active speaker forum here? I’m looking to upgrade my speakers but not sure if studio monitors is a good idea for casual listening.