Signal path shows on 'high quality'

How do I get the signal path to reflect the blue or silver star instead of just green circle for high quality? What do I turn off or click to do this?

For the moment I am just using a Dragonfly Red DAC and Meridian Explorer 2 DAC.

Listening to Roon both Tidal and Qobuz and the signal path says ‘high quality’ at top and alternates blue/gray star indicating enhanced or lossless going down.

When I listen to Tidal on Roon it plays enhanced that blue or gray star but Qobuz and Roon itself playing my playlists etc. only have green dot.

It must be something I did in setup but can’t figure out how to correct it.

I am awaiting the arrival of new Schiit Gungnir Multibit and Raggy 2 and would like highest quality signal path.

The sound with ‘high quality’ sounds fine but would prefer enhanced/lossless for entire path.


Do you have software controlled “volume control“ on your endpoint? If the device is at less than full volume the green dot will appear.

Have a look at the manual for the Signal Path.

If you can post a screen picture of the signal path, we can see what step is causing the green light.

What you using as the streaming part connected to the DAC, streamer, computer, tablet, phone? If you using Android you wont get anything other than a greenlight as Roon does not bypass system audio. Show a picture of your signal path and list your devices in the chain.

@Rugby thanks took screen shots but don’t really know how to send them BUT @rrwwss52 ‘fixed’ the ‘problem’ i did have volume control clicked incorrectly turned that off everything is now "enhanced’ or ‘lossless’ which is highest quality sound correct?? will let you know if everything stays as is in meantime do send instructions on how to send screenshots for the future
thanks for quick response and than you@rrwwss52 robert

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Hi Bob!

When you are making a post there is an Icon on the task bar called upload, as shown in the pic below. clicking that allows you to upload a pic on your computer.

@Rugby thanks again now how do i get everything to play with signal path of ‘lossless’ or is enhanced pretty much the same thing it looks like it

Ultimately, I’m not sure you can tell the difference between lossless and the green high quality dot. In my setup, two of my endpoints have the software volume control activated. At full volume (0db) it shows lossless. When I drop the volume one click (-1db) it changes from lossless to high quality (green dot). I don’t hear a quality change.

Enhanced means you are doing something to the audio stream, like Upsampling, for example. I treat Enhanced and Lossless as pretty much the same.

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