Signal Path - Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple

The latest Roon Mastery series shows the above colors in the signal path to show the quality of sound.

The color doesn’t seem to change at all. Anyone having the same issue?

The colours refer to the Signal Path and aren’t related to the quality of the source - unless DSP is being applied.
So if you’re using the same endpoint and there’s no DSP it won’t change.

Edit: Martin is correct.
I didn’t consider lossy media.

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What issue? The colour will only change from purple or blue* if the media is lossy (yellow), or you’re using DSP (green).

*Enhanced is often determined by the hardware or when MQA content is decoded.

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When you’re viewing the Signal Path anything after the Roon icon is occurring in your hardware.
This confused me at first as I thought Roon was enhancing the signal/not bit perfect.
Hope this helps.

Yes, thank you all. I must admit, I am colorblind though

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If you see a star, rather than a dot, all is well.

Mine is a blue star (“enhanced”) when using DSP (and a FLAC source), but I think that’s ok because it’s in the help :wink:

@Gerald_Silverman may find the detailed description helpful:

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You are correct. Green is when the signal passes though, for example the OS mixer, and DSP is
regarded as enhanced. I tend not to look at the signal path, since once set up correctly it’s unlikely to change.

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Got it! I see stars , lol