Silence before hidden track on last track of (streamed) Qobuz album

@support. I am finding a problem with “hidden” tracks at the end of streamed Qobuz albums. I assume it is the same problem with Tidal, but I don’t have an account. I don’t have this problem with my local library as I have editing tools to fix it.

For example. The last song on this album “Better Than Nothing At All” is actually 3.40 mins not 9.55 mins. A hidden song kicks in at about 7.15 mins. That is a very annoying 3.35 mins of silence.

With hidden tracks on my own local rips I usually split the track with dbPoweramp to get rid of the silence. With a streamed track this is obviously not possible. Is there anything that roon could do to skip this silence or is it a feature request?

That would be a feature request.

Thanks. Is there away of moving this to a feature request?

And just like that… woooosh, we are in Feature Requests! :smiley:

Cool. 10/char.

Also 5 mins of silence at tye beginning the last track of this Qobuz album (12. Left of the Middle).


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