Simaudio support

When will the DAC’s supported from Moon (Simaudio)

Quite a few of them are “Roon Tested” devices. You can check our device matrix for the full list. We keep a couple in-house to provide support for their product line when used over USB.

In order for them to be Roon Ready, they would need to implement the Roon Ready SDK into one of their networked -that’s a different topic, and the timeline would be totally up to them.

Any plans or information on the New SimAudio Moon Neo MiND Streamer being a Roon Ready network device?

If Simaudio isn’t willing to tell you when you asked them, I don’t think the Roon personel will be able to.

We aren’t in a position to know exactly what another company’s timelines might look like. You’d have to ask them what their plans are.

I expect the Simaudio MiND to become Roon ready this year. Hopefully sooner than later!