Similar artists identified as same

Both “Jefferson Airplane” and “Jefferson Starship” are identified as “Jefferson Starship”. The album “Crown of Creation”, for example, has only “Jefferson Aiplane” as artist and album artist. Using “Album Identify” did not help for me. Thanks for any help…

I’ve been meaning to write something about this for some time. The problem isn’t simply that they’re linked “Jefferson Airplane” together with “Jefferson Starship” together as if they were one band, the actual biography shown for Jefferson Starship is that of Jefferson Starship incarnation and gives little to no history of the Airplane itself. Moreover, every Airplane album shows both Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship as performers and hyperlinks in the album descriptions of the artist take you to the Jefferson Starship page, not the Jefferson Airplane page. To make matters worse, the abysmal third incarnation of the band, the truly dreadful “Starship” get their own artist page. It is weird too because AMG, the source for most of the data in Roon including their bio of Jefferson Starship, has an amazing bio of Jefferson Airplane.


@mike, I’m guessing this was an incorrect association of artists?

How do I “officially” ask for support on this issue?

[quote=“Regnad, post:4, topic:6691, full:true”]
How do I “officially” ask for support on this issue?
[/quote]lets see if @vova could give you a hand.

So this now looks largely cleared-up, Airplane is now there but still some confusion with Starship. Thanks…

No, it isn’t cleaned up at all! All they did was to change the bio page from Jefferson Starship to Jefferson Airplane. All JA and JS albums are still listed as being by the same artist, only now that artist has JA’s bio instead of JS. What they need to do to actually fix things is to bring back the JS artist page and then remove the JS albums from the JA page and put them on the JS page.

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Can you give me some insight into your album? How many tracks etc. and an example of where it’s wrong? There are many many releases of Crown of Creation. Thx.

We have metadata for the 15 track version of this album from Rovi, MusicBrainz and TIDAL. The lyrics look good to me in our database. Please would you post a screenshot of the track listing and an example of a track with incorrect lyrics?

Yes, but we tie the LyricFind lyrics to track IDs; so there could be a problem. I’d just like to figure out what’s going on.

What I think I need is an XLS of the tracks for this album.

Go into the album details screen (the one with the track listing).
Select all the tracks (Ctrl + A or Cmd + A depending whether you’re on PC or Mac.)
Select “Export” from the 3 dot menu which appears in the top bar.

Select the “Export To Excel” tab and click the blue button.

Drag the XLS file into a reply here.


Arghh. Thanks, but what I really need is at least one track ID, which is like to be of format: rovi:MTxxxxxxxxxx. (MW is an album ID.) That should allow me to unambiguously identify which set of metadata you have.

Its under a field called ‘External ID’ when I do an export. Column H to be exact.

You’ve exported the album. You need to use the three dots menu at the right hand side of the track (to export a single track) or the three dots menu at the very top left, not the album three dots menu immediately to the right of “Focus On Similar”.

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Track ID and the info I’ve quoted from your last post is really useful. I need to investigate further. Your help is really appreciated!