Similar Tracks – Vālence-powered

I would like to be able to conveniently see recommended tracks based on a selected/currently playing track. I think Spotify has such a feature as well, it’s great for discovery.

I’m aware I can engage the thumbs-up/down functionality of Roon Radio and build a queue. Seems to be a worthwhile addition that could use similar functionality for the most part.


I’d like to see this too. Something like Music IP allowed you to do which was take a seed track and then get playlists of a given number of tracks based on the seed.
It also gave you a page if modifiers so you could, for example, ask for the tracks to be very like the seed or with introduced deliberate variance etc.


Thanks for the tip for Music IP. I just loaded it up and am running it against a subset of my library. It looks like the output can be saved as M3U file. I believe Roon will read them, yes?

Yep, Roon sees the M3U no problem. Check under Storage settings to ensure M3U (other playlists) are enabled for import.

Now to let MusicIP analyze my entire library! My take some days as it appears to be a rather CPU intensive process(es).

Fantastic program and exceedingly configurable.

Yip, there’s never been a better DJ and I don’t think there will be in my lifetime.

As this is a ‘dead’ product, I wonder if Roon could purchase the rights/code? Hmm, or a crafty individual incorporate it via an Extension…

That said, I don’t mind generating playlists outside of Roon

I think Nielsen Holdings acquired Gracenote from Tribune Media Company who’d acquired Gracenote from Sony who’d acquired Gracenote who’d acquired Amplifind who’d acquired MusicIP. The IP was either shelved or folded into Gracenote Rhythm. So probably no chance.

It seems like Roon has everything they need to realize this feature with Vālence and Roon Radio already. I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff planned for the next 1.x release here. Definitely wanted to make sure to voice this request though.

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Wow, yeah that is buried way too deep in legal IP contracts to ever surface again.

Also not something readily leveraged in that all music would have to have been analyzed, not so simple in cloud, albeit every user’s core could run analysis on every streamed track and send the outcome back to Roon’s cloud.

When roon did a suggestions for playlists thread years ago musicip was given as an example by myself and others. Given the sole characteristic of a room playlist - play - it didn’t hit a chord, so to speak.

Oh, I think it’s easier to do the analysis in the cloud where resources can be scaled on demand to effectively infinite levels.

Once a song is fingerprinted, all users would benefit and it need not be done again for that exact track.

Using this same construct, security vendors are leveraging all their customers deployed firewall/gateway/sensors in the world to create a ‘hive’ of information that all can benefit from without the burden of encountering it and performing the analysis on their local firewall/gateway/sensor. Many of these functions are also now completely cloud-hosted. You might have guessed, I’ve managed such a system for a good number of years now…

Agreed, but content is streamed from streaming service to customer, not via Roon’s cloud infrastructure, so it’d have to be done at customer core, no?

Not all of the work would need to be done at the customers core, probably not anymore than already occurs.

Part of the analysis that goes on now is to fingerprint the file for identification, once it’s identified it can be matched to the rest of the data (beats per second for example) already existing in the cloud and sent down to the core if necessary or the entire playlist generation time could happen in the cloud. Long way to say Roon already ‘knows’ what’s in your library.

If the file was the first time it had ever been seen, then yes it would need to be fully analyzed but it would only happen once, on one person’s core. All others now benefit.

Yip, that’s exactly how I envisaged it’d have to work.

This functionality is still available as a license from Gracenote. it would require some resources on the core machine, but nothing that’s more taxing than many other processes roon runs.

it would however, take longer to analyze a large collection than what roon conducts today, and import speed is something that the Roon team prides itself on.

Roon Radio does something like this. Just keep clicking like to build a playlist as long as you’d like it to be.

Not really, roon radio is picking the tracks and apart from picking the seed you then have no influence apart from accept/reject. The musicip parameters allowed you to influence the picks.

OK, a different mechanism then. No worries. I like using Roon Radio, especially with Qobuz integration.