Simple Audio Roomplayer+ support - Future Linux requirements for Roon Bridge

Hello Roonlabs,

I was wondering how the requirements for Roon Bridge might change in the future. Currently the requirements for Roon Bridge are a.o. gclib > 2.14.

Some background:
I’ve got a Simple Audio Roomplayer+ (armhf) running over which I do not have too much control (drivers are proprietary) with kernel 3.8.13, glibc: 2.17, alsa: ?? probably stock version for that kernel. Support for DSD is not relevant since its dac doesn’t support DSD anyway.

The company Simple Audio has sold the technology and support for their products is dropped (not only updates but they also removed their apps from the Appstore). This makes it quite a useless device with great sound quality. Therefore, I’ve created an alternative software packages that includes Roon Bridge and runs quite smoothly. In addition, I know there are quite a number of these devices lingering out there, never seen an owner, waiting to be repurposed.

Anyways, if anyone were to convert their Simple Audio devices into Roon endpoints it does become quite relevant if this is a long term solution or one that can stop working at any time.

Any insight in this issue would be appreciated.

Kind regards, Maarten

Hi Maarten

Can you send me some info about your solution for Roomplayer+
Many thanks.

Hi Maarten

I have a Roomplayer+ too and am very interested in your Roon bridge solution for it. I would love to get it running with Roon and take advantage of the 24/192 streaming capabilities it has, in conjunction with my Roon library.

Is it possible for you to share your Roon bridge solution with me too?

Kind Regards


Hello Chris,

That alternative software package has since evolved into an easy to install upgrade for the Roomplayer(+)

For more information on the upgrade (and discussion on Simple Audio in general), see:

Kind regards, Maarten

HI Muffinman, I am using the reloaded software with pleasure for years. However since Roon Core 2.0 it does not recognize it as a separate device. Only via airplay. Reckon this is caused by Roon Core not properly communicating with devices having still 1.8 on it. Do you have a solution for this (new installer).