Simple OS X App to play / edit metadata for audio files

So I have around ~1000 flac audio files laying around from back in the day. They’re just flat recordings of vinyls I used to have (don’t worry, I still have the vinyls that were my favorite :wink:), so there’s no metadata present. Most of them are electronic music from the early 2000s so those metadata scanning services don’t seem to work.

I’m trying to get things organized and also add them to my Roon collection, so I’m going through them and updating some metadata. I basically do this:

  1. Update artist / track / album / date
  2. Give it a star rating
  3. Add my own genre metadata

I’ve been using Clementine for OS X, but that software hasn’t been updated in years. I built the app from their github repo but it’s definitely rough around the edges.

Does anyone know of a good / simple app for OS X that can help me with this task? I basically want WinAmp :slight_smile: but for OS X. I refuse to go near iTunes with a 10ft stick, it just wants to have full control of how everything is set up.

Thanks all!

The best I’ve found but may be more than you want.

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Swinsian is cheap, lightweight, and perfect for this. Great developer too.

I always liked kid3 audio tagger.

MusicBrainz Picard does a pretty good job. I used this and Yate on MacOS.

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I recommend Mp3tag for Mac
You can buy it at the Mac AppStore
And there is a free 7-Day-Trial-Version, too

It is easy to use, a real Mac app and powerful :+1:

Don’t be irritated by the “mp3” in the product name, all major audio file formats are supported: MP3, MP4/M4V, FLAC, OGG, OPUS, AIF, DSF, MPC, and WAV

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