Simple refresh option after database failure?

So my database is corrupt, and I don’t care. My files are safe on a NAS; Roon is entertainment software, not productivity software; Yellowstone burns every generation which refreshes the forest. YMMV.

That said, I have a couple of practical questions.

1 - the error screen had a link to the Help Center, and a link to the Restore interface, but no link that just read “Never mind, I’d like to start all over again!” I would expect to then be confronted with boxes I’d have to check about how I understood I’d have to reenter my Sonos speaker information, I’d lose my playlists, etc. But still, I don’t see any way to get there - and when I tried, things seemed like they were going to get ugly.

never mind, I had a second question, but I figured it out. Still, that’s my first question