Simple VPN (and VLAN) work around

I assume the issue that prevents Roon from working on mobile devices over VPN is down to broadcasts not being propagated, especially with iOS devices which introduces other issues into the VPN with its VPN framework.

On iOS at least Roon does not appear to follow the apple suggested practice of upon connect failure, using the reachability service to complain about lack of WiFi :slight_smile:

What I suggest is simply to add an option to allow the IP address/hostname of the Roon core server to be user entered and stored in settings as a fallback whenever core discovery fails. It could even just cache the discovery response into app-local storage/settings and use that as a fallback on failure.

Similar if required, allow the device to specify its address to core as a music destination (I don’t know if core relies upon discovery broadcasts to determine that an iPhone exists as an endpoint).

I think these two small changes to all client apps would finally open up easy to use VPN access to our home Roon servers without the headache of various complex methods for proxying broadcasts and/or SSDP specifically (I assume this is what Roon uses for discovery?).

I personally would like to use Roon from work and from in my car, however even though my VPN server is actually running on the same QNAP NAS as Roon server, it cant discover Roon server due to the standard lack of subnet local broadcast propagation. I have even been vaguely thinking of creating my own costum build of OpenVPN until I remembered then even if I hacked OpenVPN to convert local broadcasts into directed broadcasts, the VPN extension framework in iOS will probably prevent this from working anyway as will using TUN mode VPN.

So, it seems by far the easiest resolution for everyone is for the Roon controller apps to allow configuration of the Roon server address or hostname and allow registration of the device as an audio recipient (if it doesn’t already) as that then bypasses all of the VPN/VLAN related issues by removing broadcasts completely.

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I’ve noticed this issue too when I was traveling and couldn’t contact the Roon Core from my hotel room over VPN (either Mac or iPhone). I figured it was indeed the issue of broadcasts not propagating to the VPN network (and likely for good reason). A fall back to the last known IP address before giving up entirely would be a nice feature.

I too would like the ability to hardwire a Roon Core into the iPhone app. I have separated my son into a different VLAN and although I have allowed firewall access through to the VLAN holding the house Roon server, it can’t discover it.

Agree with the request; use VLAN at home and accessing Roon across the vlan is a headache.

Second this request. Would love to either use Roon over VPN (my VPN is on a different subnet then the Roon server, even though it’s routable).

Alternatively a secure public endpoint for port forwarding (à la Plex) would work as well.

I would love to stream my music from Roon to the car :slight_smile:

Ive been testing the zerotier vpn solution and it claims to forward broadcasts, but I still cant see the core from my iPhone.

The root cause is multicast traffic, not broadcast. Similar in appearance, but very different from a networking standpoint.

A few people have gotten Roon to work over VPN connections and/or VLANs but it required some work to get multicast traffic routed correctly. Different VPN implementations will have different requirements, but a search of the forum should turn up some suggestions and limited success stories.

ZeroTier claims to pass multicast. The issue may be related to iOS as the VPN client.