Simple way to deal with doublons

I’ve got a main music folder, in that folder I have a sub folder that is my music and another sub folder is my son music.
So there is a couples of doublon.
I tried to go in to the focus to search for the doublon, but I don’t have the possibility to right clic on the selected doublon to know in which folder the files are and their formats. What’s the trick, so I can chose easily which one to delete.
Tank you.

I looked it up. A doublon is a duplicate. What are you using as your remote? A tablet (IPad, etc.) or a PC? Also, you don’t actually need to delete them if you don’t want to. You can simply group them so the two different versions show as one album. Right click to select both albums, then click the edit button. Second selection from the top is Group Alternate Versions.

You might want to make your music folder and your son’s music folder separate watched folders in settings>storage. That would give you flexibility to focus more efficiently.
For example, you could use Focus>Duplicates to identify all the duplicates, then use Focus to select one storage location. This would give you all files that are duplicates and in that watched folder.
If you had these as separate watched folders you could also tag your library and then view just your library by selecting that tag. If you Bookmark that view you can look at your music separately any time, even when both folders are being watched.

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Sorry for my frenchy expression doublon. I have a iPad, thank’s for the tips. I think I would rather like to clean my folders but I will try it to see how it goes.

I was thinking of changing my folder layout to separate them like you suggest. That’s a good idea and a simple way to cleanup my folders.
I will definitely do a bookmark tag for each main folder. Thank you

You can either tag the files, or just make a bookmark for the folder. Bookmarking may be a better solution.
In Focus use the Storage Inspector of Album view to identify the first watched folder. Then just make a bookmark of that view. The bookmark is dynamic. Even if you add new files to that folder, the bookmark will bring up the bookmarked view, which will now include the new files. You may eventually want this for other purposes than just finding the duplicates.
If you tag files, you’ll only find the tagged file. So every new file will need to be tagged to be identified.

Ok I understand the advantage. This is more what I was looking for after my cleanup is done. This is going to be very praticable for me, when I want o dig in a specific folder. Love that !!

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