Since there's no individual track rating system, best solution tagging or playlists

Roon has struggled to bring us basic track ratings like all other music management software. I have over 30,000 tracks and about 11,000 have an individual like (heart icon). But not all tracks hold the same weight. Thus the need for a rating system. I have some basic bookmarks like favorites (which include all 11,000 tracks) 24 Bit, Metal music, etc. I don’t like (heart) albums because not every great album contain all great songs (there’s usually a couple of bad apples). Even my favorite artists albums have some so so songs on them, so I find liking an album is pointless. For sorting the good songs from the better songs from the best, needs track ratings, Duh.

So now I have to painfully go though each like (heart) track and find figure out the better ones, add tags or create a playlist as so I can further weed out what I want to hear. For example, the Band the Eagles to me, have a bunch of good songs, but not great for me. So the ones I like would be just 1 star, the best would be 2 stars. A band like Metallica or Smashing Pumpkins or Diana Krall will have 1-5 stars. When currently playing my favorites list I skip a shit ton of music to get to the tracks I like, even if it’s a more dedicated list like Metal music. With ratings I can make a Metal 3 star and greater playlist, which would give me more of the tracks I want to hear sooner.

So whats the best way of doing this? I’d like to create simple tags/list like metal, soft music, deep cuts, ect…, I also play guitar, so I’d like to have some playlists that would be in standard tuning, 1/2 step dropped, dropped D tuning. This way, I can choose what guitar I want to play and the playlist that would contain the tuning for that guitar.