Singles & Eps only shows the first 15 singles/eps?

I have some artist in my collection that have 20-30 singles/ep’s but Roon only shows the first 15?
(Right arrow grays out after the first 3 slides of 5 singles)

How can I show all singles for an artist?

I can search for a single not showing in the “Singles & eps” list and see that Roon registered this with an album type of “single”.
Also if I edit a single and tell Roon that “Album type” is main, the single is transferred to the album list but the single & eps section is still showing 15 albums (but then I can see one that was missing before). So it’s not because Roon only registered 15 singles for the artist. It’s only showing the first 15?

Roon 1.8 (Build 790) on Windows 10 x64


I have a lot of singles/eps as well and I am not a fan of this new approach to how they are displayed. The other annoyance is that they appear to be in a random order with no way to sort by release date, etc. In my opinion, the Overview tab should show everything in your library including singles/eps.


This is a problem for me too.

As much as the extra information (similar bands etc) is interesting my primary usage for Rune is being able to see all the releases of a band in my library at once.

Would really like the layout to return to how it was when I subscribed.

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Could really use a fix for this. It’s not ideal having to find these by scrolling through tens of thousands of tracks.

This needs to be fixed.

Is this ever going to be fixed?

I really like Roon but not being able to easily access a large collection of my library makes this a dealbreaker when my subscription is up for renewal.

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This is so annoying! How has it not been fixed? I held off updating to 1.8 for so long but I figured after over a year they’d have fixed most of the bugs so I finally updated today and nope even super simple stuff like this is broken! Like the literal only point of roon is to show all your music and it can’t even do that right?! They need to fix this now or at least let me roll back to 1.7

There is a workaround: Select Discography (rather than Overview), click the Library button (to the immediate right of ‘> Focus’, then scroll down and click ‘Show more’ underneath the Singles and EPs section. That will show all the albums, EPs and singles in your library. I guess that counts as easy access, but it’s definitely not convenient.

Thanks for this! I mean it’s super annoying but at least I can actually get to the missing singles and eps. I dont pay roon a ridiculous amount of money to have to work so hard so yeah they still need to fix this or I’m canceling. But thank u for the work around either way!

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Many thanks for that info Dave.

Following on from your instructions, I discovered how to get this working for me.

My main focus was the artist ‘The Beloved’ (where I had 40+ singles in my collection).

I had previously enabled Qobuz and noticed Roon was then was adding releases (via Qobuz) of other artists called ‘The Beloved’ into the Discography section… not good for me really, so I disabled the ‘Qobuz’ extension.

Now there is just an ‘Overview’ heading, which displays Albums / Singles in the same way as ‘Discography’ and exactly how it was previously.

Losing the integrated Qobuz is not going to work for everyone, but I’m happy to keep my library separate from streaming stuff.

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Just started loading my albums & singles/EPs and ran into this limit already on a couple of artists.

I don’t like the “can only see 5 at a time” view anyway - it’s a little contrary to the expanding / “show more” views. I would much prefer a section that performed in like fashion as the “Albums in my library”.

Surely this is a simple “fix”? Finfers crossed.

To maintain the full view of “My Library”, my only alternative is to class all Singles & EPs as Albums - what a pain to reclassify …