Singles in recommended albums?

I would say 50% or more of the recommended albums section of an artist are just single tunes, not albums at all, this has been since 1.8 and seems not to have been addressed. Any plans to fix this?

Pinkfloyd as an example:

That’s the first 6 suggestions in recommended albums. Not one of those is an album, each is an individual song.

My feeling is it will do this if it has no more albums to show, in which case that section should just disappear not show nonsense?

This section will show the artist’s most popular releases that aren’t yet in your library. This can include main albums, singles, or EPs, so if most of their major albums are already in your library, you’ll be left with recommendations like these.

Maybe these aren’t interesting to you, but clearly people are listening to them and I can understand why – I see content in here that’s unlikely to be included in the major releases, like edits, live versions, “early versions”, etc. If you don’t see anything you’re interested in you can at least feel confident you haven’t missed anything from this artist!

Also, keep in mind that for some artists/genres, significant amounts of material is released only as singles, so we felt that this section needed to deliver on it’s promise – the artist’s most popular releases not yet in your library – without focusing only on main albums.

That said, it can be annoying seeing these recommendations without knowing what kind of release is being recommended to you…

So we’ve added some additional context in our next release by including the album type in this list:

Look for that change later this year!


Well the simple answer then is not to call it ‘recommended albums’, but ‘more from this artist’ or similar no?

I like “Recommended Music”!

Indeed it’s just bad language to use Albums to describe all releases. Recommended Releases is more all encompassing and covers anything.

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