Singxer SU-6 DDC not working with Opticalrendu

I bought a Singxer SU-6 DDC as I was told that the sound quality is considerably improved using a streamers USB output. Indeed, it works phenomenal with the USB output of my server/streamer. However using the USB output of the Opticalrendu no sound anymore. Is anybody here to provide some help? Thx so much!

is your problem it won’t play or it plays but you have no sound?

I play it (Roon is able to play with the OR), but there is no sound.

What version SO are you running?

If DAC Diagnostics shows a Momentary Frequency then the issue is not with the Rendu. Post an image of DAC Diagnostics if your not sure.

Thx for your advice. I am currently out of town and will post the screenshot during next weekend. Thx again! Michael

PS: how can I check the firmware version of Opticalrendu? How could I update it?

The Rendu homepage tell you the current version of the OS in use. Updates are done in Software Manager.

Thx so much Jesus. I am using SO version 2.8 on my OpticalRendu and I attach the screenshot of the DAC diagnostic tool.

In the meantime I have found the solution of my challenge: the problem was that I have used an automatic mode of sample rate conversion. Using a direct connection of the OpticalRendu with the DAC my audioserver automatically adapted the sample rate conversion needed (my DAC has a maximum of 192kHz). After realizing this, I adapted the sample rate conversion (using “custums settings”) when using the Singxer SU-6 between the OR and my DAC. Now, everything works fine.

Thx again for your excellent advice, which has helped to find the solution of my challenge. Kind greetings! Michael<