Siri on ARC in car

OK, maybe I am just a Luddite, but I can’t get Siri to work with ARC. So I come here to ask - how do you use Siri with arc?
When I’m in the car, I have my iPhone connected to my stereo via Bluetooth and arc running and if I say something like “Siri play, Dire Straits”, it plays Dire Straits from Apple Music.
I guess the real question is How do I specify to Siri that I am talking about ARC?

Try “Siri, play Dire Straits in Roon ARC”. That’s what works for me.

Also, I think I read that after a while, your iPhone will learn your preferences and the “in Roon ARC” may not be necessary once that happens.

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Exactly, it was in the announcement:

Ahhh, so I didn’t read. I skimmed it. Classic! Oops.

Thanks, it works (of course)


It was somewhat far down and easy to overlook unless one read the Android section as well :slight_smile:

The part “in Roon” makes the difference for me !
Just tried it, and I was with the Beautiful voice of Renée Fleming in my car.

Thanks for the tip.