Sirius XM sat radio

Can I play Sirius XM through roon?

I would not think so. I know of no support today.
How would your core get an XM signal?
The decoding of the XM signal would be required as well.

I read quickly. But a reasonable brief of how it works. I didn’t know.

I get XM through an app like Tidal or Qubus

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I understand.

But like Apple or Spotify there is no API or support to interact with their closed system. Tidal and Qobuz worked with Roon to make integration happen.

Thanks, too bad they have great play lists.

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It’s a nice wish, but is it Roon worthy!
this would open the doors to so many services being integrated. (actually would like to see XM and Apple).

I know I use Sirius via the BlueSound app and it sounds great. I’m sure Roon - and more importantly Sirius - would need to be willing to integrate. I would love for both parties to make this happen though. Would make the whole experience so much better, and easier, to just work through one service/app/etc.