Skins display Roon vs Jriver newbie

Hello, I just install Roon on my pc.
I find the presentation “skins” of Roon to be to bright… a lot of white, I’m more familiar with the Jriver were I could chose different layout and skins.
I didn’t find were I could change the appearance in Roon.
I like a more darker one.
Is there any options??
Tank you

Go to Settings > Setup and choose the Dark theme…

Roon offers a choice of 2 light or dark no skins as such

That’s what I tough, For sure there is a darker option.
My Roon is in french.
So I didn’t find the options in the settings.
Need more infos on the path.
Thank you
Is it in display?

You will find it in SETUP

Réglages > Configuration.

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Tank you Geoff
That’s pretty clear, I will check a soon as I’m back home.
I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you
Got it!!!
Love the look

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