Sleeping MacBook stops the music!

Possibly a silly question but is there a way for Roon to continue streaming management when MacBook slips into sleep mode?
Obvious answer is to change energy settings in System setup, but anything else less plodding?

Roon won’t play when the Core isn’t available, so if everything is running on your MacBook, I would expect playback to stop when it sleeps.

The real solution here would be to get a MacMini, Intel NUC, or some other always-on computer to run your Core and live somewhere on your network (like a closet). Then your MacBook will just run as a Remote, and you could turn it on or off at will, like when you need to pick music.

It’s possible I’m misunderstanding you’re question, but in that case, I’ll need some more information about your setup, so let me know and we’ll figure it out. Thanks for your question @Jwilli!

I also find this quite annoying. Itunes and audirvana will keep playing music when the power saving kicks in. If the computer is playing music I don’t expect it to fall asleep. Only solution is to change the sleep settings to never.

I have an iMac and two Mac Minis. I never let any of them sleep so I can access them outside my network. I do have the settings set so the display can sleep and hard drives go to sleep when possible. The amount of extra power the three of them use is nominal.

The issue John and I have is with MacBooks. These are not always plugged in. I have mine set to never sleep when plugged in and connected to my dac but when on battery and using airplay I now have it set to sleep after 2 hours (instead of the default 15min). If the computer is left unplugged music will stop playing after this time as the mac will go into sleep mode.
It would be nice if Roon would keep the mac awake while it’s playing music and allow it to sleep once play has finished

Got it – I’m going to move this to feature requests, and we’ll look into it.

Thanks for the feedback!

In the meantime I’ll suggest a free application called “Caffeine” that I use to keep my MacBook Air from sleeping for up to 5 hours at a time. I used to tweak my power save settings, but would always forget to change them back. Now I just activate Caffeine and turn down the display brightness using the F1 key to save some battery if I’m not using the display.

Just waking up on this side of the world and finding lots of replies - many thanks to all. I think I can see a couple of possible solutions.
Initially I had the Roon core on my iMac desktop and controlled form the Macbook - worked fine until the iMac went to sleep! Rather than change with the iMac energy settings I figured that making the Macbook my core/controller would be sidestep the iMac. Per my query that was not successful.

I will firstly try Caffeine app on the Macbook set up.

If not ideal I will go back to iMac as core with appropriate energy settings. Per comments, I see that I can control Roon output (of the iMac) from the Macbook and that will not be disrupted if the Macbook goes to sleep.

Re embedding into Roon app a “stay-on” facility for laptops, I always feel concerned with apps interfering in the system software of a device…if it can be avoided!


PS: any news on an iPad app to control Roon?
(assume core is on a remote desktop or other device).

done. next build should not allow machine to sleep when playing audio.

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